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Welcome to the world of Webgirluk

Online Journal Ramblings of Katyland

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*~ Katy ~*
9 February 1973
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I've kept an online journal for 20 years or so now. I love the connection, depth of sharing and meeting of great minds I wouldn't have ordinarily have crossed paths with.

I'm 48 although I've always felt mentally much younger than my age. I love to be playful and nothing beats the feeling of a good laugh. You're never too old to stop playing and I love trying to enrich my world with playful experiences.

I'm a deep thinker and feeler, a highly sensitive introvert who daydreams the day away and unravels the best ideas at night.

I am curious by nature; I love to story share and to see and be seen. To understand and be understood. To support and be supportive.

I love blogging, psychology/human observations, self analysis, creative writing, presenting a radio show, being an internet geek, 80's/rock/dance music, creating games, getting lost in a good movie/show/webpage, technology, holidays, water parks, the beach, relaxing in my hammock with a gripping book, sending snail mail surprises, deep conversations, fun experiences, dancing at home, singing, living simply and more. Creating content is what drives me. At least other than my car!

I'm a free thinking, non conformist type who'd love to change the world for the better. I wish the world was kinder and more compassionate.

I highly value friendships and the right friends are like family to me. I guess this partly arises from my life being very different to most people's and not fitting in very well with others as I don't have a partner, kids and am a socially anxious type.

What you can find in my blog ...

* My online dating reflections, desires and horror tales.
* My thoughts, dreams, goals and observations of life.
* Creative project ideas
* My take on friendships/relationships/family and the evolving of such connections.
*My every day life story log over a blog.
* A game or meaningful question here and there.

If you think you might be interested in a life share and/or being a part of one another's friendship circle then feel free to fling me a follow and I'll mutually participate with your blog, too :-) It would be fun to discover some new similar souls to add to my circle of friend finds :-)

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