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Welcome to the world of Webgirluk

Online Journal Ramblings of Katyland

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*~ Katy ~*
9 February 1973
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I'm on the look out for some new interactive LJ friends to share worlds with.

I’m Katy, live in the UK, am in my 40's and have a young at heart life outlook.

I’ve recently become single again. I've never been married and don't have any children at all.

I am a happy homebody, an introvert who is on the shy side until I know someone well. I love to lead a simple life, relaxing online, connecting to my creative hobbies or getting lost in a good book, show, movie, song or webpage.

I’m an internet geek, writer, thinker, dreamer and radio presenter, amongst other things.

I value friendship a lot and enjoy LJ as a social outlet for meeting new connections and path crossing with people I wouldn't have otherwise met.

What you can find in my journal

Thoughts and feelings, relationships, friendships, self reflection, where I’ve been, where I’m at, where I’m going (if anywhere), deep life questions, social issues, psychological discussion, creative interest chatter and every day life logging.

What I’m seeking

I would love to primarily find others to “life share” with and support one another on our respective life paths, so I would like to have some interaction and get to know people. I tend to gravitate a lot to those who also feel like “life outsiders” and would feel more “at ease” with adding people who are similar to me in that regard, although anyone friendly, kind with a lot of compassion for others is good to go for me, really.

I'm pretty much an open book and just looking for a few new friends who wish to get to grips with the pages :-)

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