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Being a storyteller

I felt inspired by an LJ friend on here to think about the ways in which I connect to my interest in creative writing as when I list my hobbies, I always list that I enjoy creative writing but on reflection, there's a gap between the creative writing I do/have done in comparison to the creative writing that is recognised or that I particularly have to show for it. I did once make a similar post over ways I get creative in lots of smaller ways generally but I'll keep this entry to be specifically about writing and playing around with the written word. I consider myself to be a storyteller. I love to tell a story and share it with others although this can be manifested in other ways too beyond writing.

So here's a list of ways I can be - or have become - creatively connected with the written word.

♥ The biggest and most on going way I enjoy getting creative with the written word is through my journal here. I love to be a blogger in telling the story of my path, people on it and ponderings.

♥ Writing an online interactive story with various plot outcomes.

♥ Short story writing.

♥ Creating various personalised poems for people over the years.

♥ Collaborative story writing projects with a few friends. For instance, there was one where myself and two others took turns to add to a story that got sent in a circle through the mail.

♥ Being creative through telling my story through snail mail letters.

♥ Creating java games that tell an online story with online participation over the outputs.

♥ Various joint online "add a few lines to the story" games, including on here where I once divided my LJ friends list into two filtered teams and then watched two stories unfold themselves beyond the same beginning.

♥ Writing play scripts to tell a story when I were a teenager.

♥ Writing comics as a teenager, too.

My main writing goals are to complete a novel and write more short stories. I need to try and set aside two evenings a week to become creative as often life can be all too consumed by working, chilling out to watch a TV show, listening to music, browsing the internet and so on.

I guess I'm just a storyteller who needs to write down the stories tossing about inside my head much more often than I currently do.
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Writing can be fun, so I hope you'll be having a blast while doing it.
Go for it, write.. and don't think too much about it :)
I will try to more so :-)
I've seen individuals write different stories from the same starting line, but never two teams. I'd love to do that, then ask the two to swap stories at the end and write an ending to each other's work.
It worked pretty well at the time. I should dig those posts out and unlock them. And yes, that would be fun what you suggested, also.
Always good to have countless notebooks to write thoughts down.. gets them out of your head and trapped on paper
writing and being creative is an art form all of its own.
and yay for snail mail long may it continue x
Notebook writing really helps :-) I'll bring your letter to the USA and write away xx
Notebooks rule!!
yay my letter is going to travel many miles :)
It will be :-) I'll most likely just mail it when I get home, though x
ahhh the many miles of Loopster Mail!!
has it got air miles xx
It should have haha x
Thee and me! We should all make more time to write and share our stories. :D

That would be fun :-)