Online Christmas party 2019

Welcome along to the 2019 online/virtual Christmas party. It's been a tradition for many years now for me to create this online get together to wish people a great Christmas :-) The idea of the party is to gather some drinks, food and music in *the real world* and drop by here to join in, whether it's interacting for the duration or a one off hello to share a virtual drink :-) If you ever dreamed of attending a random party where you don't have to worry about fixing your hair, socialising in person or sliding out of your slippers then this one is for you.

Click on "leave a comment" to begin a conversation or to take part in anything. If you've come over from facebook then click "switch" in the comment box if you wish to reply using your social media account. You don't have to have LiveJournal to join in at all.

Head on in this way ...

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